WORLD WAR II - The world's greatest struggle (so far) of good vs evil. History unlearned is doomed to be repeated.

The most important lesson to be learned from what happened in Germany leading to WWII is that a democratic nation in crisis cannot allow one person, no matter how charismatic, to gain enough power to take total control. This generation is not aware of that lesson from WWII; consequently, the process of changing the United States of America into a totalitarian state has begun Nov 4, 2008.

CLICK HERE for a list of 1015 WWII (& some WWI) TV documentary programs that have aired over the last few years (and probably will re-air) mainly on the Military Ch, the Military History Ch, the History Ch, and the History Intl Ch (list updated 11/2/10).

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Many multi-part WWII videos!
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Himmler’s speech about the Holocaust – YouTube
Spitfire low pass - YouTube
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3 RAF Tornado fighter jets low-pass

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